Warren Joel

Auctions ByJoel

Byjoel can auction a single item or a whole collection with confidence and commitment.
With over 35 years of experience in the auction industry we have all areas of auctioneering covered.
There are many steps and processes that need to be carried out with the auction of any item or collection:

Identification, valuation and assessment: One of the most critical steps in the auction process is to correctly identify what is to be auctioned. This assessment can only be done with years of experience working hands on in the industry. Once correctly identified other more technical assessments need to be undertaken like the condition of the item or restoration that may be present. The condition of an item can be one of the major influential factors in the price achieved at auction.

Valuation: Having correctly identified what is to be sold Byjoel will then go through the process of the valuation. With access to local and international auction records Byjoel can then correctly value the item. Knowing what it is worth either on the local market or on the international auction market will help it realize the best possible price.

Cataloguing and Marketing: With all the information gained from the initial evaluation process, Byjoel can then catalogue and market the item to its best advantage. Whether it is a single item or a total collection the same due care and attention to detail ensures the best possible return.

At the auction: With over 35 years experience as an auctioneer Warren Joel will conduct all parts of the auctioneering process. We will choose the best auction room, location, city or country to sell through. We are not tied to any set location so we can do what is best for the item not the auction house.

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