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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
What dose it cost to get a valuation done Byjoel?
Charges are based on time not on a percentage of valuation, and on the type of valuation required and the reporting method.

What is the minimum charge?
A single item is charged at around $150 (depending on location). For large valuations contact us direct and ask for a day rate.

Do I get charged if I sell through Byjoel?
We will charge for a market valuation with a view for sale, and if you then go on to sell through Byjoel the valuation fee will be refunded pro rata.

What report do I get?
Each valuation report will include a reference number, description, size, location if required, photo and value of the item.

How long does a valuation take?
This will depend on the number of items to be valued, but around 5 minutes per item.

How often do I need to get items re-valued?
As a general rule about every 3 years. Some items will require a shorter period eg. any item in a superannuation fund needs to be valued every 12 months.

What legal standing does the valuation have?
Most insurance companies, law firms and accountants will accept Byjoel valuations. We have established an industry wide reputation for our valuation work over many years.

How does Byjoel sell without a sale room?
We will choose the best auction room, location, city or country to sell through. We are not tied to any set location so we can do what is best for the item not the auction house.

Who has access to the valuation, and what is the security of the information?
All valuation information is held on a stand alone computer with the latest password protection. This is not connected to the internet like most networks so it can not be "hacked" into via the internet. Byjoel is fully versed in the latest privacy laws - both state and federal.

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